Local Film Pundits Weigh the Relevance of Movie Critics – Dallas Observer

Local Film Pundits Weigh the Relevance of Movie Critics – Dallas Observer

Below is the quoted portion of from a Dallas Observer article covering Movie Critics.

UNT film production professor Johnathan Paul, on the other hand, makes an effort to watch everything.

“I watch one movie a day, which I’ve done forever,” Paul says. “If it’s my first time seeing it, I’ll make notes about certain things, but I won’t allow that to interrupt my viewing experience.”

Paul, who owns the production company Datalus Pictures and works on narrative films and documentaries, believes movie criticism to be necessary — particularly when educating students about the ins and outs of the industry.

“As filmmakers, we critique each other’s work,” Paul says. “When I get done with a film, I’ll send it off to another filmmaker, asking them to give their feedback and opinions.”

Regarding any correlation between critics and theatrical attendance, Paul believes word-of-mouth to be a film’s principal ticket to success. Since modern moviegoers can wait until films hit online streaming or home video, Paul stresses the importance of marketing.

“[Filmmakers] totally make some of those films specifically for their audience, and honestly, that’s smart business,” Paul says. “If I’m not making my films diverse in a way that’s accessible to a wide audience as well as my target audience, I’m losing a large swath of people I could be capturing.”

Branding is continually emphasized to film students.

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