Johnathan Paul Resume

Johnathan P. Martin

5004 Raymond Dr • Keller, TX  76248

PHONE: 940.293.7902


Work Experience

June, 2010- Present   

Imagineer Entertainment Ltd.

Fort Worth, TX       

  • Chief Creative Officer,Writer, Director and Concept Artist

Creator and co-creator of all written and illustrated works

Writer and Director of experimental and short films

Setting overall strategy for companies long term vision

Working with companies to create long term marketing campaigns


October, 2014- Present    

Premium Beat

Denton, TX        

  • Consultant, Writer and Content Coordinator

Write and Produce articles relating to the film industry

Research visual effects processes

Create or post tutorials over visual effects and film production processes


January, 2012- Present   

University of North Texas System

Denton, TX

  • Digital Content Consultant

Working within the University system aiding clients

Overseeing the IT needs of the Woodhill locale

Basic troubleshooting as well as more complex tasks


July, 2005- June, 2010   

Toll Brothers Inc.

Grapevine, TX       

  • Regional Marketing Materials Manager / Texas Regional IT Consultant

 Oversee all materials for Texas, California, Arizona, and Colorado

 Modernized overall look to brochures and materials

 Continue to hold the highest efficiency rate for turn around

 Work closely with Project Managers and Vice Presidents

 Designed many Toll Architecture marketing pieces and logo’s

 Maintain all services for local server and Workstations


May, 2002- July, 2005

Texoma Web Offset

Gainesville, TX

  • Graphic Artist

Built magazine and newspaper layouts for print

Developed film and plates for the press

Helped maintain a steady and sound workflow





  • North Central Texas College, May 2004

Degree- Associates of Arts

Degree- Associates of Science

Degree- General Engineering

  • The University of North Texas, December 2012

Degree- Masters of Fine Arts Documentary Film Production

Degree- Bachelors of Studio Art New Media / Minor in English

Degree- Bachelors of Studio Art Drawing and Painting

Studied Mechanical and Architectural Engineering


Proficient Software and Hardware Knowledge

  • Mac OS, Windows OS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Unity Pro, 3DS Max, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Compressor, Pro Logic, Nikon and Canon DSLR, RED Camera, Bolex 16mm, Reel to Reel Projection, Film Splicing and Editing, Microsoft Office, General and Advanced IT support, Oracle, Active Directory, Terminal, Short Code.


Gallery Showings and Screenings

  • Future Comp Design Exhibition, “Pixel Art”, Stafford Gallery

June 2011

  • New Media Art Exhibition, “Untitled Event”, Lightwell Gallery

November 2011

  • Moving Images Exhibition, “Textures”, Universite de Savoie, France

April 2012

  • 1st Year MFA Screening, “Unconventional”, University of North Texas RTVF

December 2013


Future Intentions

I have the intention to complete my Masters Degree in Film studies at the University of North Texas. After which I will apply my craft to short independent films while also seeking to produce music videos and larger film productions. I also actively seek to publish three novels and various short stories. My deep wish is to establish my own production company Imagineer Entertainment and to use my unique creativity and imagination to oversee and produce highly regarded documentaries and feature length films, inde game developments, comic publications, special effects services, as well as music video and commercial Ad production.




Marcus Parkhill, CEO  Chancellor MFG, 940-665-6014

Chris Upton, Architect and Graphic Artist, 817-734-4844

Dan Warner, Defense Department, 214-478-9038


Interests and Activities


  • Living a spiritual life as a Christian, with my wife and two daughters
  • Being an active member of the community by way of volunteering and aid charities
  • Writing and reading, while extending my personal library
  • Drawing and Sketching
  • Filming and Photographing the Natural World
  • Running and playing sports
  • Playing and Collecting video games and systems as well as collecting comics