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Directed by Johnathan Paul Hustler of Providence tells the story of former male sex work Rich Holcomb and his life of mental, physical and verbal abuse, which led to his drug addiction and the offering of his body in exchange for his next fix. Rich would escape those streets only to return, but as a voice of hope for others still slaves to their addictions.

Produced in partial fulfillment for the Graduate film program at the University of North Texas.

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Written by Johnathan Paul and David Goodman and Directed by Johnathan Paul. “Fields Where We Play” is a mockumentary that tells the story of a former FBI Profiler and his search for the serial killer he never caught, the same serial killer who would kidnap and murdered his wife.
This film was also produced in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master’s Program in Radio, Television and Film at the University of North Texas.
Directed by: Johnathan Paul
Written by: David Goodman and Johnathan Paul
Produced by: Marcus Parkhill and Johnathan Paul
Cinematography by: Robert Bowen and Johnathan Paul
Music by: Ben Shirey
Sound Design: Ben Shirey & Ethan Shirey
Art Direction: Andrew Dunn
Starring: Angela Davis, Russell Jonas, Aaron Martin and Elizabeth Morris

A Datalus Pictures Production

“One Autumn Night” tells the story of a family in rural Texas as they deal with intense family issues while also being visited by a mysterious being known as the Spectre who is determined to destroy them.

Filmed, Edited, and Mixed in 8 Days this film was produced in Partial Fulfilment of the requirements of the Master’s of Fine Arts program in the Radio, Television and Film department of the University of North Texas.

Directed by: Johnathan Paul
Written by: Johnathan Paul & David Goodman
Produced by: Marcus Parkhill
Cinematography by: Garrett Graham & Johnathan Paul
Production Design by: Robert Bowen
Score by: Ben Shirey
Sound Design by: Ben & Ethan Shirey

Starring: Elizabeth Morris, Luis Sanchez, Toby Rice and Allyson Reese

“Relation Lost”
Relation Lost is a short film directed by Johnathan Paul.

The film tells the story of two young sisters and their strong relationship and shows the demise of that relationship when the younger sister is kidnapped and killed leaving the older sister alone with grief. The film is loosely based on a true story.

This film explores the art of cinematography and the use of image and sound to elicit emotion from the audience. The villain of the film is never seen in full focus and much of the film plays like a dream, this harks back to the reaction of the individual left behind who said that the experience felt much like a dream and that the ordeal is only a nightmare that she will one day wake from when she and her sister a reunited.

Produced for the completion of the Bachelors of Fine Art program at the University of North Texas.

“The Tent”
This project was produced in partial fulfillment of the Master’s program in RTVF at the University of North Texas. For Academic purposes only.
Cinematography Project #1

For this project we were given 4 random elements that we were required to weave into a narrative and then make it into a film. Our 4 elements were A Gas Leak, Balloon, Love Song, and a Hoax. The result is a sci-fi film that speaks to government control, depression and hope. This short was written and directed by David Goodman and Johnathan Paul.

Unconventional is a short documentary films that showcases the story of two very different men who on the surface lead lives in stark contrast to one another. We then discover that these two men have more in common than one may think, a commonality that is both incredibly interesting and surprising.

A Film by Johnathan Paul Produced in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Fine Arts Degree Department of Radio, Television and Film at the University of North Texas.

Memory Access MAR4.938, is a short animation showing my vision of my personal self accessing a thought and memory within my memory warehouse. My memories have been compiled into massive collections of cubes. Panels fall to present a pathway for accessing these memories. Current memories are within the transparent cubes. Glowing orbs represent active memory while dark orbs represent additional thoughts and memories tied to the one being accessed.
Ambient – Tool “Mantra” (slowed down 25%) (the future version will showcase my own ambient sound art)
Voice – Charlie Chaplin “The Great Dictator”

Produced for the completion of the Bachelors of Fine Art program at the University of North Texas.

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