Below you will find the complete list of published books, novels, novellas and graphic novels.
Currently, all of my published work is distributed by Madville Publishing.

Fairview Chronicles

A novel by Johnathan Paul set in the Night Fables Universe. An overzealous History Professor explores the deep dark past of the small town of Fairview and gets more than he bargained for.

Throne: Paladin Down

Paladin Knight's from Eldrin journey to the offworld planet of Genosis to confront the Centurion, but are confronted by the Devourer, who may change the course of all history and time.

Gyn Argos and the Curse of Darkness

In the downtrodden lands of Eldrin young Gyn goes out to find his father King Argos, who has been taken by a powerful Necromancer.

101 Filmmaking Tips

Navigate the landscape of modern filmmaking like a pro with 101 Filmmaking Tips & Tricks, a curated guide to working in film and video, courtesy of PremiumBeat! Written by the Premiumbeat team of Caleb Ward, Danny Greer, Michael James, Johnathan Paul, and Michael Maher.