Film Production

Film production for me dates back all the way to the late 1980’s, but didn’t really get serious until the mid to late 1990’s. I started with old JVC Camcorders and then moved to Super 8 and finally Super 16 + 35mm. I was lucky enough to make the leap to digital early and have utilized those tools ever since.

While I still direct and write films, I now mainly find myself leading the charge on productions as the Producer. I love connecting with other creatives and building teams for productions, then supporting those teams to help them achieve the ultimate goal of telling a good visual story.

Below you’ll find a shortlist of my work and the productions that I have been extremely lucky to work on.


In Pre-Production


TV Series: Pilot being Shopped

  • Series Creator
  • Co-Showrunner
  • Produced by Datalus Pictures

TV Series: Pilot Episode in Development

  • Series Co-Creator
  • Writer and Producer
  • Episode Director

TV Series: Pilot Episode in Development

  • Network Half-Hour Comedy
  • Producer of Physical Production
  • Writers Room


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Television Series: Paramount Network (Uncredited)

  • Consulted with Co-Creators
  • Worked with Writers Room
  • Filmed Title Cards
  • Developed Motion Design

Short Documentary: Writer, Producer, Director

  • Student Academy Award Finalist
  • IDA David L. Wolper Finalist
  • Kodak Eastman Filmmaker Award Finalist
  • Jury Selection at RIFF, Thinline, & NEIFF
  • Aired on PBS in 2016

Short Documentary: Producer & Director

  • BEA 2nd National Grand Prize
  • IDA David L. Wolper Finalist
  • Regional Academy Award Finalist
  • Aired nationally on PBS Independent Lens
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Feature Documentary: Directed by Garrett Graham

  • Producer of the Film
  • Camera Operator for Two Sequences
  • Oversaw Distribution

Feature Documentary: Directed by Adam Michael Wright

  • Produced the Film
  • Oversaw Distribution

Short Film: Directed by Anthony Digiovanni

  • Produced the Film
  • Secured Production Assets
  • Post Production Assets