Documentary Film: Hustler of Providence

Documentary Film: Hustler of Providence

Hustler of Providence a new Documentary Film

Hustler of Providence is my newest documentary film. Here I’ll give you an insight into two of the characters that may be in the film.

Meet Two Former Sex Workers from Providence

Rich and Mike are two young men from Providence Rhode Island who both have similar stories of childhoods filled with sexual, physical, and mental abuse. It was these broken homes that shaped Rich and Mike’s future and sent them on a path of self-destruction through prostitution and drug use. While they never meet each other on the streets, they’re stories became intertwined through their experiences and the desire to escape their slavery to drugs. This what Hustler of Providence is about. You can visit our youtube channel to see trailers and a bit extra work around the project. While at it, please leave a like and subscribe as it helps us promote our youtube channel and get more exposure.

In a world that is now more knowledgeable on the realities of human trafficking and the prostitution of youths, the realities of male youths and adults as prostitutes is being widely overlooked. As such many young men find no escape from the street and as such this seemed to be the fate for Rich and Mike, hustlers of Providence.

Introduced to crack I his late teens Rich quickly became addicted to the drug. He spent years on the streets of Providence and New York selling his body in order to feed his addiction, an addiction that was born from a childhood with a dying mother, abusive father and sexually abusive aunt. It wasn’t until the night that he had a frightening encounter with a john (a man who pays for sex) when Rich was locked in a house with the presumed intent of being raped and killed, that Rich realized that his life had spun completely out of control.

Rich was lucky enough to make it out alive and soon found a support group for young hustlers looking for an escape from a life on the street. As Rich was beginning his outreach program for young hustlers, he came into contact with Mike a young hustler in his early to mid twenties. At this point in his life Mike was resistant to leaving the streets, but was also only a few years removed from a solid home life with his girlfriend and daughter in Florida.

It was on one fateful day after a work injury in Florida that Mike was introduced to a drug called roxy, a quick release version of Oxycontin. Mike became addicted to the drug almost immediately. Sometime later during a trip back home to Providence Mike ran out of the drug. Itching for a high he was able to gain access to heroin. Before Mike realized what was happening he had lost his girlfriend and daughter as well as all his friends and family to his drug addiction. He found himself taking jobs as a male stripper, escort and finally a hustler on the streets to provide the money for his addiction. For Mike everything changed after a night of sex, drug use, and finally rejection from his john.

At 9 am Rich received a call from Mike begging to be saved from a life on the street. From this point on Mike rehabilitated himself and now has join Rich in the pursuit of saving other young faceless and nameless young men from the street of drug use and prostitution.

This film will rely greatly on the spoken testimony from both Rich and Mike and they’re ability to tell they’re stories accurately. However, since there will be no observational footage available of these experiences sections of they’re testimony will be re-enacted using precise staged sequences with actors to portray they’re retelling. This approach is meant to take the audience as close to the reality of their true story as possible, by paying careful attention to the details of Rich and Mike’s experience so as not to devalue that experience.

The film will begin with Rich and his childhood experience with an abusive father and dying mother. We will then follow him as his is moved to his aunt and uncle house where he experiences sexual abuse. His story will then fast forward to his life as a mid to late teen and his introduction to crack. We will end his initial journey with his experience on the street as a hustler, his close call with death, and his decision to leave that life behind. The film will then smoothly transition from Rich to Mike as the two characters pass by one another during a out-reach intervention on the streets.

From here the film will follow Mike as we look back on his childhood with a verbally abusive mother, and the sexual abuse suffered by his aunt. We will then follow Mike through his troubled teen years and then his very early twenties as he tries to make a life for himself, his girlfriend and his daughter. Finally we will follow Mike as he moves into his decent of a life filled with drug addiction and prostitution and that fateful phone call to Rich that turned his life around.

To conclude the film we will show observational footage of Rich and Mike in present day Providence Rhode Island as they engage in reach out programs through Project Weber a non-profit organization co-founded by Rich to focus on helping young men escape a life of drug addiction and prostitution.

This film will act as a voice for the voiceless on the streets, to give faces to the faceless, and to show the world that men as well as women are in danger of having their lives stolen from them by drug addiction. Using insight from Rich and Mike this film will show the sad and gut wrenching reality of their experience in an unflinching manner in order to help the audience fully understand the reality of countless young men on the streets just waiting, and internally begging, to be set free.

Hustler of Providence is slated to release in the summer of 2015.