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This is a video of a Rube Goldberg inspired pinball machine, or kinetic sculpture, that I built along with some mates that was presented as a New Media Project. We looked at the concept of time originally and tried hard to create a kinetic clock, wanting to create something that ran continuously. Then inspiration hit, and the idea or insertion of a pinball machine came to mind. Here you have an unlimited amount of time to master the pinball machine, provided you have the quarters to play. With this we thought of creating a pinball machine that needed no quarters, but still needed man to start the game, but unlike a real pinball machine this one would have an end.
In the end, like with all Rube Goldberg projects the device or machine must be built elaborately, with the specific goal of performing a rudimentary task. For this machine the task is simple dropping a screen to read that your game is at an end.
This video plays at normal speed once through, and then slows down to 1/4 normal speed for the second play playthrough.

Kinetic Sculpture: Rube Goldberg Pinball Movie Screen from John Paul on Vimeo.

This Video Piece is a rough draft for a larger work that I will be doing for my Senior Short Film. What I’m attempting here is to blur the lines of Communication. Instead of giving the viewer a full picture of the face of those speaking, which is something we experience everyday, I break these moments into smaller viewpoints. Instead of viewing the body and its mannerisms as a whole we jump and move to specific body movement, flowing in this path just as a conversation would flow between two people. Some of the frames in this film can be mastered even further and I will look to build upon this experiment with my next film.
The music in this piece is from Nine Inch Nails “The Four of Us Are Dying”, to get the desired affect of it being broken and unfocused like the film I crunched the data of the song.
The spoken word is a recording of the talk between myself and the actors before filming, once again broken and crunched.

Broken Conversation from John Paul on Vimeo.

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