Artist Bio & Statement


Johnathan Paul lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas and he is a film producer, writer, and artist. Paul studied engineering, fine arts, and film production at North Central Texas College and the University of North Texas receiving an Associates degree in art studies and engineering, a Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts and New Media, as well as a Master’s Degree in Film Production. From 2000 to 2005 he worked as a graphic designer and engineer while continuing his experimental film work.
Then in late 2005, he accepted a position as a Marketing Executive for the Fortune 500 company Toll Brothers Inc. During this time Johnathan began adding 3D art, motion graphics, and digital compositing to his artistic arsenal, which would lead him to leave the marketing industry in 2010.
Johnathan is a Adjunct Professor University of North Texas with a focus on Visual Effects, Producing, Screenwriting, as well as Series Production and Development. Johnathan has written several articles on pop culture and the film industry for online outlets such as The Beat, The Blast, Shutterstock, Adorama, PNTV, and more. Currently, Johnathan is CEO of Datalus Pictures where he oversees all feature film, television, documentary, and web content development & production.

Artist Statement

For me story is king. No matter if it’s an illustration or a fictional film, there has to be a story, something for myself and the audience to latch on to. When developing a narrative I tend to focus on a group of subjects such as Chaos, Remnants, Mystery, Life, Love, Reality, Spirituality, Morality, Social Viability, Destiny, Adventure, Imagination, Fantasy, Technology, and Futurism. Because most individuals have some curiosity as it pertains to one of these, I tend to focus my narratives on one or two of these subjects at a time.
In the end, I want my art to draw its audience into the visceral state of the narrative. I want the narrative to be immersive and allow the audience to become more conscious and aware of the beauty of the natural world, the creativity of mankind, the imagination within us all as well as the dark realities that exist on the fringes.
With my many years of experience in illustration, painting, 3D animation, filmmaking, and writing I believe my work will make a mark and take audiences on a journey that is fun, exciting, imaginative, and creative, but also sometimes dark and mysterious.